Project Services

While we do make limited service calls for repairs or modifications, we are more optimized for project work. A licensed electrician is not required for many tasks, such as replacing receptacles, light fixtures, or ceiling fans where wiring is already present.

See the FAQs Page for an explanation of some of the terms and items on this website.

Project Call-out Rates:

  • First half-day: $750
  • Subsequent half-days: $550, prorated
  • Plus materials


    • Estimates are provided at no charge. 
    • We may be able to advise you over the phone or by text at no charge, but may request photos and descriptions of the project area to help us help you.
    • Estimates for use as ammo in price negotiations are charged a fee
    • We provide estimates rather than quotes
    • By law, an executed contract is required before work can begin


    • New Construction
    • New Equipment
    • Additions, Renovations, Retrofits
    • Residential
    • Limited Commercial Installations


    • Real Estate and Home Inspection Punch Lists
    • Building Code Violations


    • Circuit Tracing and Mapping
    • Panelboard Schedule Coordination
    • Code Analysis

    Fine Print:

    Electrical systems are buried, embedded inside finished construction, or otherwise difficult to track through attics and crawl spaces. Your problem may require five minutes to fix but two hours (for example) to find.

    Lionshouse Electrical, LLC is not licensed in hazardous materials identification or abatement.

    For reasons of health and safety, we respectfully decline to wear masks in conjunction with electrical work.

    No job is too small. But there are no small jobs.

    Lionshouse Electrical LLC