Project Services

While we do make limited service calls for repairs or modifications, we are more optimized for project work. A licensed electrician is not required for many tasks, such as replacing receptacles, light fixtures, or ceiling fans where wiring is already present.

See the FAQs Page for an explanation of some of the terms and items on this website.

How Much Will My Project Cost?

  • It depends on many variables

  • Actual estimates will vary on the basis of many factors

      • Typical examples:
        • A new exterior receptacle may cost $1000 
        • A service upgrade may cost $6500
        • Panel upgrade to latest code may cost $9500
        • Total renovation without gutting drywall may cost $15 or more per square foot

      Do You Give Free Estimates?

      • At no charge, we will provide an estimated price range based on layout of the house, a description of the project, photos, and on any other information available

      • If you want to proceed, then we'll make a site visit to verify the site conditions

      • During the site visit, we'll take final measurements, collect a deposit of at least one-third, and put you on the schedule. We'll also have a contract that both parties will sign

      • We charge a fee for estimates to be used for price negotiation in a flip or investment

      What Types of Installation Do You Do?

      • Residential construction, additions, renovations, retrofits

      • Residential service upgrades, move-ins, home inspection punch lists

      • Permits, work requests, Miss Utility tickets -- Breaking the paperwork logjam with the power company, County, or City.

      • Residential equipment and generators

      • Power to remote buildings, sheds, garages, barns

      • Bonding and grounding

      • Residential pools

      • Limited commercial work

      Lionshouse Electrical, LLC is not licensed in hazardous materials identification or abatement.

      For reasons of health and safety, we respectfully decline to wear masks in conjunction with electrical work.

      No job is too small. But there are no small jobs.

      Lionshouse Electrical LLC